Lent Day 41: 4/10/2017

Today, I am hurting.  The bed at our hotel is horrible and I am walking so much.  The terrain at Busch Gardens Williamsburg is no joke.  There is no Bock Beer on premises so I am having to continue throughout the day with only water.  

My body is physically really sore.  I mean, it is so sore I can’t even get the pain I am in out of mind.  The only thing that is keeping me going now and giving in to want to eat something is the fact I know there are only 5 more days to go.

Until tomorrow…


Lent Day 40: 4/9/2017

What an incredibly hectic but fun day!  We took the kids to Busch Gardens today.  My feet are killing me.  I drank 2 Heller Bocks before leaving for the park and nothing but water while there.  I can’t believe honestly that I didn’t cave in at the park, but I held strong!  Today is Day 40, and there are only 6 more days to go!!!

Until tomorrow! 

Lent Day 39: 4/8/2017

Sorry I didn’t get this published last night, but it was a very long day.  I got up at 3:30am so I could be at church for my 4am Eucharistic Adoration shift.  After getting home, it was time to get ready for the kids’ soccer games.  There games last until nearly 11am.

After that, we ran home, got the kids baths, fed them lunch, and drove nearly 350 miles for their Spring Break vacation.  Where did we go???  Busch Gardens Williamsburg! 

Yes, I am having to survive the final week of this Lenten Challenge not only on vacation, but surrounded by glorious theme park good!  Ugh!  The biggest thing keeping my sanity is realizing all the money I will save since I can’t personally eat.

As you know, this was also a Saturday, and that would normally be my date night meal with my wife.  Due to the circumstances,  we obviously didn’t have a date night.  However, I did have a meal.  Not wanting to just have to throw away a lot of the food that was in the fridge at home that wouldn’t hold for a week, I made my Saturday night meal from that.   I turned it all into a massive salad.   See the picture below.  I could only eat about a third of it and didn’t even get a chance to start eating until around 9:30pm.  It was delicious though.

Ok…I need to go for now.  Only 7 more days to go!!!  Until the next post…

Lent Day 38: 4/7/2017

Not a lot to write today.  I had to travel to see the doctor.  Before all that, I mowed the grass.  I am very tired and have Eucharistic Adoration at 4am, so I am going to bed soon.  Vacation with the kids begins tomorrow…my final 8 days on the road…it will be a true test!

Until tomorrow! 

Lent Day 37: 4/6/2017

Been a weird day.  Not sure what is going on but today I have been angry…really angry.  I have had No fuse all day and just want to scream.  I am tired, sick of always having 5000 things to do and only enough time for like 10 of them.

It’s just not a good day, but I got through it.  Only 9 more to go…

Until tomorrow…

Lent Day 36: 4/5/2017

Well, there it is!  Weigh-in Wednesday and now at 244.4…So down 33 pounds in 35 days.  Today is Day 36, so after today I have 10 more to go.  I will write more later, but wanted to give the weigh-in update this morning.

It was a crazy hectic day running more and more errands…but, I have news to spring on everyone…

Today is my final weigh-in before Easter Sunday, when this all ends.  Why you ask???

This Saturday, my family goes on Spring Break!  The kids are out of school and we will be away.  So, I will be on the road for 8 days, but I will maintain the diet and finish my last 8 days true to my Lenten promise to God.  I also will continue to give updates on the road.

I need to lose 7 pounds in these last 10 days to get to my final goal of 40 pounds lost.  Will I do it?  Who knows, but who really thought I would make it 36 days?  Only 10 days to go!

Until tomorrow…

Lent Day 35: 4/4/2017

Today was a very hectic day.  I had to go get tires for my wife’s car and then ran more errands to get her things she needed for work.  Finally got it all done and it was time for the kids to get home from school.  Then homework, outside with them and then cooked dinner.  Then it was baths and bedtime.  I am exhausted.  Tomorrow is a BIG Day!  It’s weigh-in Thursday and will mark day 36.  So, after tomorrow, I will be in the T-minus 10 days and counting…Not sure how many people really thought I would be able to make it this far, but even though I honestly really am tired of the beer and want to just eat something, I am way too close now.  So, we stick this out and just keep on keeping on for the last 11 days!

Until tomorrow…